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Terms of Use

This is a Collaborative User Community (“the Community”) provided by Beeline. The purpose of the Community is to provide a platform for collaboration and discussion between Beeline Clients, Beeline Employees, and other professionals approved and permitted by Beeline. The Community shall be used to exchange ideas and discussions about the services provided by Beeline; as such, comments should be constructive, and you should refrain from making disparaging remarks about Beeline, Beeline’s customers, or other users. Because this is an open forum, all users may be able to access your ideas and discussions; therefore, you should be mindful of the information that is posted in the Community. Specifically, in order to protect your confidential data, you should use general terms in your discussion comments and refrain from posting documents or other confidential information.  Should it be deemed necessary to reference specific documents, you may post a link to the document in the Community, rather than posting the document in its entirety.

The Community, and the information located in the Community, is a service provided by Beeline, separate from the core VMS services agreed to in your Master Agreement or Access and Services Agreement. None of the information located in the Community affects the terms set forth in the Master Agreement or Access and Services Agreement, nor will it be incorporated into Master Agreement or the Access and Services Agreement.

Beeline disclaims any representation about the accuracy, completeness, or appropriateness of the information received from the Community. When using information from the Community, you assume full responsibility for its use and Beeline is neither responsible nor liable for any claim, loss, or damage resulting from that use. The inclusion of any products or services in this Community does not imply or warrant that those products or services will be available at any time.

All information or collaborations in the Community is provided by either Beeline or by permitted users and is the property of Beeline. Beeline reserves the right to use any information entered into the Community without paying royalty fees or other compensation to users who provided such information.

The information you provide in the Community may be retained in the Community after your relationship with the Community ends.

We collect non-personally identifiable information for the purposes of tailoring the user experience while engaging in the Community. Collection methods include but are not limited to cookies, database storage, and in-memory objects limited to a single visitor session.

By using this Community, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. The Community is provided as a service to you, and Beeline reserves the right to close the Community at its discretion.